Professional training

Livelihood Technical Training in the Philippines

 In the Philippines, PFI also provided livelihood skills training activities to its beneficiaries to promote self-reliance. They also help the beneficiaries in marketing of their products as a result from the training.

Strengthening of the People's Organization (POs) in the Philippines

Community organization and formation of associations or cooperatives are two significant activities in this component. One structures are formed, they are then registered to accrediting institutions of the government such as the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) as cooperatives; the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) as rural associations; and/or at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Empowering the NGO Partners of DISOP Philippines

DISOP Phils believes that the success of the implementation of the project depends on the capability of its partners to efficiently deliver the services needed for their identified beneficiaries. Hence, a yearly technical training tailored to the needs of the partners is conducted to reinforce, enhance and build their competencies. In addition, an annual conference is also conducted as a venue for sharing  experiences and updating each other.

Strengthening the Family Rural/Farm School Associations and the Philippine Federation of FF/RS (PHILFEFFARS)

The FRS is an association of families, professionals and institutions that assume the responsibility of development and the promotion of rural environment. As such the associations under this project are also provided with strengthening activities to equip them of the skills needed towards managing the school and empowering them to become self-reliant. They make sure that educational system is relevant to the needs of the rural areas for development.

Entrepreneurship Education for the Rural Youth in the Philippines

One of the projects of DISOP Philippines caters to the youth sector wich involves the training of the youth in a unique educational system called the Family Rural School system. Here, students learn about basic education, entrepreneurial skills and proper values that will equipe them to become productive citizens in the future. Students learn the academics in school and the practical side of it at home or at their own entreprises in an alterning cycle of pedagogy.

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