Entrepreneurship Education for the Rural Youth in the Philippines

One of the projects of DISOP Philippines caters to the youth sector wich involves the training of the youth in a unique educational system called the Family Rural School system. Here, students learn about basic education, entrepreneurial skills and proper values that will equipe them to become productive citizens in the future. Students learn the academics in school and the practical side of it at home or at their own entreprises in an alterning cycle of pedagogy. In this unique high school education, the youth will graduate either with an established enterprise, highly skilled and employable, or proceed to higher education.

Accomplishments showed that 11 Family Rural/Farm School in the country are operational in 2011. Enrolment totalled to 588 students. Two Family Rural Schools in Leyte (Capoocan and Palanog Family Rural Schools) followed basic curriculum for learners which is a hybrid product of the competency-based curriculum between the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the Alternative Learning System (ALS) of the Department of Education (DepEd).

Critical to the implementation of the family rural school (FRS) system are the tutors. They are the so-called teachers in the traditional system of education and are more of a facilitator and agents of change. Tutors in the FRS system are also provided with the right training to enhance their knowledge in basic education tools necessary for shaping the future of the youth. The result revealed that of the 59 tutors, 28 were continuously trained about the FRS pedagogy.

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